BAE have changed our name to Beck Engineering.

We're still the same company, and we're maintaining our focus on genuine Simulation Aided Engineering for geotechnical problems, but there's now more depth to our team and we've developed extensions to our existing tools and procedures for simulating mines, water, oil and gas and tunnels.

We believe our newest generation of real-world validated, physics-based tools add even more reliability and value to our existing best practise work flows for analysing stress, deformation, damage and stability problems.

We're also improving how we share our analysis with clients. Wherever possible, we're working with them to provide 4D results on-site they can immerse themselves in, to learn more about their geotechnical problems and to more easily imagine solutions.

The reliability of high similitude, 4d approaches to modelling geotechnical problems, our Simulation Aided Engineering philosophy and client ownership of the results opens up the analysis to more of the engineering team, improves transparency and aids sufficient, practical and safer geotechnical engineering.

For more information about the new tools for non-linear discontinuum, dynamic and coupled hydromechanical simulation and our hands-on engineering practice, please browse our website, or contact our engineers who will be happy to discuss our work with you.

If you're driven by a need to do better geotechnical and hydrogeological engineering, and have post-graduate qualifications in rock mechanics, geotechnical engineering, multi-physics simulation and would like to partner with us in your market, please contact us.

BE's engineers look forward to working with you.

David Beck
Principal Engineer, General Manager
Beck Engineering Pty Ltd, Australia